during this emergency landscape the health and safety of our employees and customers is paramount.  And in order to provide our community with the promise of future harvests we need to implement social and hygienic strategies to prevent the spread of pathogens.  Amongst others this entails:
  • stopping any employees experiencing symptoms of sickness or who have come into close contact with others displaying sickness from coming to work for a 2-week period.  furthermore, staff has been instructed to maintain a safe social distance (2m or 6′).
  • signage has been displayed to instruct customers, especially at the checkout, to respect social distance; moreover, our checkout lines have been staggered to prevent close contact between customers.
  • restricting shopping time to 20 minutes please.  come prepared with a list if possible to help speed up your shopping time.
  • only 1 person per/family during weekends/holidays.  maximum of 2 people/family shopping during the week please.
  • please keep children at arms reach and prevent touching as much as possible.
  • all customer carts and baskets are sanitized after each use before being returned to their pick-up locations
  • counters and washrooms are routinely sanitized and debit machines are cleaned after each “touch” use.
  • no cash/coins are being accepted at this time – debit, VISA, and Mastercard only.

while these measures may seem draconian, we are required to enforce these guidelines which allow us to stay safe and remain open for our community.

we sit on 3 acres of land that makes keeping distance in our store a unique possibility.  we are taking all possible measures to combat the spread of pathogens at our business and the list of operational adjustments is sure to grow as we gain more insights and understanding for how to best protect our community.  at this time we feel it is important for our community to have access to the tools, knowledge, and supplies for gardening; therefore, as long as we are able to upkeep a socially and hygienically safe environment for our staff and customers, and as long as we have staff to operate, we plan to stay open.

Tropical Plant Guarantee

We also guarantee the quality of our indoor tropical plant selection.

  • if you are having problems, or have any questions with your plant, we are here to help – just bring in a leaf sample or picture so we can identify the problem and explain how to fix it.
  • if the plant fails within one month of purchase, simply return the plant with the receipt. plants will be replaced one time only.