Triple Tree Nurseryland’s Plant Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of plants sold and will gladly replace or give a store credit of amount paid for any hardy tree or shrub which fails in the first 6 months from purchase.

Simply return the plant with the receipt.  If you require a delivery for your replacement there will be a regular delivery charge.  Please note that no guarantee can be given covering abnormal winter damage.  Plants will be replaced one time only.

*plant guarantee does not apply to extreme weather/winter damage.

**plants purchased on sale are still guaranteed!  Simply return the failed plant with your receipt and we will provide a store credit equivalent to your purchase price.


we ask that if you feel your plant is not doing well, please call, email, or bring us in a sample/picture of the problem plant.  Our qualified staff will be glad to assist you.

Planting Guide for Trees and Shrubs

  1. Thoroughly water plants before transplanting.
  2. Dig a hole 1-2 times larger than the root-ball.
  3. Put bonemeal into the hole, and once the plant is in the hole, back-fill with Nurseryland Fish Soil, pressing the soil down firmly.
  4. Water thoroughly with our Nurseryland Transplanter solution.
  5. Water deeply and on a regular basis until plants are established (at least 1 growing season).


  • If plants are in a burlap sack, cut the string at the neck of the plant and leave the burlap on the roots as it will rot away naturally and protect the root system.
  • To ensure your plants stay healthy and perform well, fertilize regularly with Nurseryland products formulated for our gardens.  A stronger plant resists insects and disease and reduces the need for pesticides.

Tropical Plant Guarantee

We also guarantee the quality of our indoor tropical plant selection.

  • if you are having problems, or have any questions with your plant, we are here to help – just bring in a leaf sample or picture so we can identify the problem and explain how to fix it.
  • if the plant fails within one month of purchase, simply return the plant with the receipt. plants will be replaced one time only.